World of Warcraft: Forgotten Curses

Death Rides a Pale Steam Driven Goblin Shredder

While we rest and recuperate in Ironforge I decide to upgrade and Goblinize my new toy. After two weeks of tinkering I improve the armor and armaments of the Steamarmor I found in Gnomeragon. With me at the controls nothing can stop this ironclad death machine!

By the time I finish my work the rest are ready to continue our journey over these “artifacts”. We decide to take our “liberated” gnome sub to Northrend, specifically Dragonblight to talk to Malygos the Spell Weaver. Airslicer seems to think he can help us solve the riddle of these artifacts. The gnomes tell us that there is a cavern at the bottom of Iceflow Lake that should take us to the coast. After several hours of harrowing travel, and some expert piloting, we reach the sea. Traveling on the surface as much as we can we reach Northrend in about a week.

Damn it’s cold! I am glad for the warm comfort of my steam armor. Wiggles scouts the area while we decide where to go from here. I guess our fearless hunter is more accustomed to warmer climes and he returns to us a bit frozen and chilled. With no clear idea where to find His Most Magnificent Blueness we head north. Whiteness! After a couple of hours stumbling along we come across an immense field of dragon bones. It stretches as far as the eye can see. Wiggles the ever vigilant spots some movement. It is some sort of an undead spider creature. Syrnek calls it a Crypt Fiend. It is being followed by a troop of ghouls. We follow at a distance until they attack a caravan of Tuskars. We decide to help and join the fray. We close the distance and before the undead can react attack them from the rear, I shoot the Crypt Fiend with my new repeating pistol and Allarin hits it with fire. Atruaghin charges with a bellow and with Hammer and Horn smashes the fiend to bloody bits. Its remains continue to burn for a few seconds giving off much needed warmth to Wiggles. I wade into the melee with whirling blades of destruction, my steel skin protecting me from their ineffective clawing. With swinging steel and mighty magics we quickly overcome the attackers.

The Tuskars are grateful and agree to take us to their village to rest and warm up. Their Leader, a Master Whaler named Wilford Brimley or some such nonsense, suggests we look in the center of the Dragon Blight to find Malygos. With a resupply of Whale meat, Whale blubber brew and Whale oil we set off in the morning. After many hours of marching through the frozen waste we near the center of the Blight when we spot a dragon. No two dragons, and they are fighting. One is blue and the other looks undead. It must be one of the feared Scourge Dragons that everyone has warned us about. Filled with trepidation (I know it’s a mighty big word for a Goblin) we creep forward to see if we can assist the blue in dispatching the undead horror. Wiggles looses and arrow at max range and misses. A voice from the cold warns us not to interfere. An elf with bright blue eyes springs down from his perch on some bleached dragon bones and engages us in conversation. He introduces himself as Malygos the Spell Weaver.

With a wave of his hand and some gut wrenching nausea we are magically transported to his lair, a fairly warm cave filled with precious wonders. Before I can even lick my lips he warns us not to touch anything. Safe in his lair he questions us about our foolish intentions in his lands. We explain how we found the artifacts and how we were led to him and his vast wealth of knowledge to help us decipher the meaning of the artifacts. Fate has brought us to him. He agrees to examine the items before he eats us. Wait! What! Oh, he is only kidding. Dragon humor. He tells us that the items have something to do with the War of the Ancients, Winterwing, magic, blah, blah, blah. Something about Highborne, more killings, banishment to a place between the planes and her coming back. It all sounds boring and dangerous at the same time. He tells us that if she gets out it will be bad, well duh! The blade is a Shikkar Blade that was used to kill Highborne. The blade is supposed to be snapped off in the body. To find out more he suggests we go to Teldrassil and consult with any ancient Nightelves that might remember the War and Winterwing. Another sea voyage, Yeah! I have decided to name my new sub the C.G.S. Phlem. CGS for Chizbolt Goblin Sub. Phlem well for you know the wonderful green I painted it.



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