World of Warcraft: Forgotten Curses

Into the Fellwood

There are some places you visit that you are always longing to go back. Fellwood is not one of those places. Our shaman, Thurg, summoned the spirits of the forest to help us determine our fate and got a diseased Night Elf in response to his summons. Even the spirits don’t like this place.

Anyways, we moved through the Fellwood and on toward Mount Hyjal. Satyrs attempted to distract us and keep us from making it through the forest, but they considerably overestimated themselves and soon were left as permanent residents of the Fellwood.

Fortunately, there was little else of note on our trek through that accursed forest. As we exited the forest, we found ourselves at the entrance of a large keep. Chizbolt and Allarin lead us into the keep, past the large number of statues in the courtyard and down into the mountain, drawing closer to a deep resonating scream.

As we draw closer to the source of the scream, a voice from the shadows informs us that while he has enjoyed our little pursuit, he has a task he must complete. We find ourselves in a large cavern and see the owner of the voice from the shadows, the satyr we have been following. He flies up to a tunnel near the roof and before we can concoct a plan to follow him, the ground literally drops from beneath our feet.

A large fellguard demon attempts to block our escape from the pit, but is soon reduced to being a large immobile object in our path. Passing what was left of it, we make our way to another cavern and find a bronze dragon, chained and tortured. Freeing him, he makes it clear we must stop the satyr from delivering the key to the caverns of time.

Quickly we find ourselves teleported elsewhere. The top of the keep, where we find the satyr attempting to escape. A brutal fight ensues, well, brutal for him anyways and we retrieve the key and return it to the bronze dragon.

And again, as if the last time we were teleported wasn’t bad enough, we find ourselves in another place. A troll village, Zel’jin. As the trolls circle us and prepare to attack, a group known to them runs in the front gate and says that a defense needs to be mounted, as there is a massive army behind them headed toward the town.

Members of this newly arrived group greet Chizbolt and Allarin as if they knew them from somewhere else and then set off to help the trolls prepare their defenses.



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