World of Warcraft: Forgotten Curses

On to Dalaran... Sort of

Our trip to Dalaran takes an odd turn

Our journey continues on through Hillsbard, on into the Alderac Mountains. We decided to skirt the southern boundary of the mountains and head straight to Dalaran.

Dalaran, covered in a blue inpenetrable dome, looms before us. We notice a rabbit running toward the dome, when he got within 20 feet, he turned into a rabbit shaped smear of ash.

Allarin walks up to the dome and disappears. While the rest of us contemplate what is going on, Fezzwick Fizzwistle the Wise snuck up behind us and introduced him self. Drawing a spoon, he demands to know what we know. He seems a bit odd, to put it lightly. He asks about the second war and how long it has been. Banter back and forth reveals that you do not get into Dalaran, you are invited in.

Fizzwhistle keeps telling us that we know nothing of the arcane, but that he does. He asks if he has told us of Sebastian, but then says he will tell us of him later. We, minus the undead, are invited to eat. Again, he asks of the second war.

During dinner, he mentions a tale he should tell of Sebastian. Following dinner, we ask for the tale and reluctantly he regales us.

The tale of two boys, Fezzwick and Sebastian. Two boys who grew up in the same village and entered Dalaran to study the Arcane arts together. When the second war arrived, they took up arms like many other.s. They fought, came back weary and studied how to prevent wars. When the Scourge war happened, they fought until the Scourge got Sebastian and Fezzwick was forced to kill his best friend.

After the story, he finally seems actually to have more mental understanding than the earlier rabbit shaped ash pile. He asks why we are there and we show him the amulet and the dagger. He examines them, seems to show some signs of understanding and then tells us that he doesn’t know what they are. But he knows someone who can help us, Grobknick Airslicer, Gnome Extraordinaire. He can be found in Ironforge. It is said he created an invention that can read languages.

Fezzwick rubs his hands together, claps, and nothing happens. He attempts it again, and we find ourselves knee deep in snow. With a quick look around, Syrnek and Wiggles quickly spot the Wednigo that is standing right near us. It roars and attacks.

Chizbolt fires his crossbow at the Wednigo, striking it. Atruaghin charges, and swings wildly, missing the Wednigo. Syrnek whispers a word, causing pain to the Wednigo. The Wednigo, blinded with pain, swings both claws at Atruaghin, but misses. Quickly drawing an arrow, Wiggles fires and hits the Wednigo. Chizzbolt and Atruaghin both miss again as the Wednigo stumbles about randomly. Syrnek gestures at Atruaghin, guiding his next action.

The Wednigo swings at Atruaghin and manages to connect with a claw, spraying Tauren blood across the snow. Wiggles again draws a breath and looses an arrow, striking the Wednigo. Chizbolt manages to correctly lead the stumbling Wednigo and another bolt appears in its chest. Syrnek places a bony hand on Atruaghin and the Tauren’s wounds seem to close. The Wednigo swings at Atruaghin, misses, and stumbles, managing to dodge Wiggle’s arrow.

Chizbolt takes careful aim, and strikes the Wednigo, almost felling it. As the Wednigo stumbles, Atruaghin strikes it with a mighty swing of his warhammer, caving in its skull.

After collecting ourselves, we see a settlement through the fog and snow. We quickly head out toward the settlement. We head into the Dragon’s Flagon, the local inn. We enter the inn, and the dwarves inside go silent. A dwarf, dressed in traveling clothes, approaches us. He introduces himself as Bran Bronzebeard.

After sharing drinks, Bronzebeard pulls out a book and starts asking Syrnek questions and taking notes in his large book. When we ask how far to Ironforge, he pulls out a map he has made and shows us where we are, Brewnall Village, west of Ironforge. We stay the night there in Brewnall, then Bran leads us to Ironforge.

The following morning, we head out of the village and out toward Ironforge with Bran leading the way across the frozen lake. Not too much longer, we see the entrance to Ironforge. We eventually arrive at the entrance, towering high above the path. Bran leads us through the military ward, and down into Tinker-Town.

Tinker Town is almost exclusively people with Gnomes. Large numbers of mechanical mounts and devices fill the halls and open areas. Bran introduces us to a Gnome, the High-Tinker Mekatorq. Bran asks the High-Tinker about Airslicer, and he points in a direction and hurries off to a council meeting. Grobnick Airslicer is a well known Gnome and we are easily led to his shop.

A muted explosion sounds from inside the shop as we approach. No one seems to react oddly, so we assume the explosion must be like those we constantly hear when Chizbolt is working on things. Bran takes leave of us and tells us we can meet him in the Hall of Explorers if we need him later.

We enter the shop, a layer of smoke covers the massive piles of junk. Chizbolt looks like he is in heaven. A soot covered Gnome with a beard greets us. Grobnick Airslicer takes us back into his lab, and looks at the artifacts that we brought.

The language has a hint of Elven and the language of the Satirs. Grobnick needs his Autofocus Magnetoconverter, which he has lost in the evacuation of Gnomeragan. He also wants some other machine that he had stored on the same shelf as the Autofocus.

We agree to go, and he agrees to help outfit us in gear.



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