World of Warcraft: Forgotten Curses

Piles of Leper Gnomes

7 hours after we rested, we are fleeing down a tunnel from the third group of leper gnomes, crowd pummlers laying destroyed in our wake.

Getting close to the hall of gears due to Wiggle’s strategic advancement toward the rear of the party.  We are being pursued, but no one was close enough to actually engage us at this point.  Atruighan leads the party, with Wiggles covering the back-trail.

Atruighan’s noble leadership leads us into another fairly large chamber, with a large number of immense machines.  Chizbolt almost faints at the sight of the Hall of Gears.  Suddenly, him and his unnatural construct suddenly turn off and start to run between two of the large machines.  He mutters something about “flogsten” as he turns.

The leper gnomes seem to be maintaining the machines, swinging from massive gear to massive gear. One seems to notice us and then they start swarming down the machines toward us.  Their numbers seem to be growing as they move toward us.

Wiggles quickly points out the safest route through the Hall and directs the group that way.  Chizbolt finds some valves and sends Igor to destroy the valves to provide us some cover.  Suddenly a chasm yawns in front of us.  Quickly jumping, we cross to the other side of the chasm.

Veering along, ducking one pipe, jumping over another, Wiggles, Atrughan, and Syrnek are struck by messenger tubes shooting across the way.  Chizbolt and Allarin quickly duck and manage to escape unharmed.  As we continue running, Syrnek manages to heal those who were injured as we keep ahead of the gnomes.

Suddenly, we find ourselves without a way to go.  Chizbolt, jumping atop one of the pipes, looks around and motions that we need to go through the floor of the platform that we are standing on.  Deftly jumping and climbing down, we manage to make down unharmed.  Chizbolt pauses momentarily, seeming to look for something, but as he doesn’t find it, quickly turns and follows the rest of us down a corridor.

As we head down a corridor between the machines, we see a series of pendulums about to swing across the corridor.  We carefully navigate the corridor, with only a few close calls.

Arriving at the door to the Landing Bay, we look back and see the horde of goblins being pressed forward by a massive construct, piloted by Thermoplug.  Chizbolt begins to examine the door to find a way to open it.  He finds a control panel, but none of us are able to translate the writing on the panel.  Wildly pressing buttons and pushing buttons, Chizbolt finally manages to open the door.

Quickly moving through the door, Chizbolt manages to find a button to close the door.  Chizbolt pulls a lever and says he has locked the door.  Turning, we see a room full of water, hence the name “Launching Bay”.  Multiple submersible’s line the walkways over the water.

A massive boom from behind as something large impacts the door behind.  Several tunnels lead off the launching bay, thankfully all labelled.  Allarin leads us toward the tunnel labelled Engineering Hall.  He is suddenly picked up off the ground as a beast jumps out of the water and bites him.

Atruighan leaps off the walkway and slams his hammer into the beast.  Wiggles looses an arrow and strikes the beast, slightly poisoning it.  Syrnek casts an aura and the beast throws Allarin up into the air and swallows him.

Treading water, Atruighan swings at the beast, striking it soundly.  Wiggles quickly looses another arrow, striking the beast in the throat.   The beast turns its massive head and bites Wiggles, seriously wounding him.  Chizbolt’s construct Igor slams its mechanical fist into the neck of the creature, felling it. Atruighan quickly slices the beast open with his hand axe and frees Allarin.

After Allarin magically cleans the beast’s guts off of himself, we continue on to the Engineering Hall.  A number of gnome statues, mostly knocked over, adorn the hall.  We quickly start our search for Grubnik Airslicer’s laboratory.  Syrnek and Atruighan identify his laboratory.  Wiggles quickly takes the items and puts them in his knapsack.

Heading back to the Launching Bay, we boarded a submersible.  Chizbolt quickly drives us out of the chamber.  We follow the tunnel for what feels like hours.  Finally, we surface in the middle of Iceflow Lake, breaking through the ice we had crossed on foot mere days earlier.

We head in to Ironforge Mountain and into Tinker Town.  We meet with Grobnik Airslicer and hand over the items that we found.  Using the Autofocus Magnetoconverter, Grobnik translates the amulet and dagger.

His contraption allows him to write the translation down without actually reading it.  He translates into Gnome.

The writing on the amulet repeatedly makes mention of someone called the Matriarch as well as a struggle against the unnatural, the arcane.  When ancient crimes are brought to justice and winters wing shrouds the world, the barriers shall fall and the world shall be reborn.

The knife speaks of The Shrouded.

Holding the knife and the amulet, Airslicer says that they are odd.  He senses something divine about them.  He wonders if we should visit the Spellweaver.  To find the Spellweaver, we must travel to Dragonblight to find Malygos the Spellweaver, leader of the blue dragonflight.

He offers a word of advice, to not venture far from Dragonblight.  Especially toward Icecrown, the land of the Lich King.



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