World of Warcraft: Forgotten Curses

The Ecosystems of Kalimdor

From Savannah to Jungle

We pursued hard on the heels of the centaur who had captured our companion Syrnek whilst Allarin and Chizbolt pursued the teleporting satyr who had taken the amulet. Our quarry fled into the Barrens, truly an aptly named territory. We came upon the smoking shell of a burned out village. The bodies of orcs littered the ground, many of them bearing the wounds of centaur arrows and mauls. Of a curiosity was the surprising lack of dead given the size of the village. The explanation became apparent when we saw the trail leading away from the village had grown in size and was joined by a number of new tracks, most likely captives acquired at the village. At the village Wiggles and I stumbled upon another pair of traveling adventurers Robert Silversmith a paladin of the Silver Hand and Mushi Honeybrew a pandaren skilled in martial combat. The two spoke of Jana Proudmore and an assignment given them to root out an organization known as the League of the Free. This League, comprised of centaur, quillboar and other unsavory creatures, bore the same mark as the one we saw in Riverwatch. Joining forces seemed the only logical conclusion and soon we were pursuing the trail westward toward Mulgore.

I must confess I may have pushed my companions hard after coming to the realization that the centaur were headed toward my homeland. The very thought of those despicable creatures invading the lands that Cairne bestowed upon us fueled me, spurning me ever forward toward the mountains. The great paladin seemed in need of many breaks, no doubt the heavy metal plating of his armor cooking his body alive. It was late morning of the third day when we saw the dust cloud approaching on the horizon. Wiggle’s keen eyesight picked out a pack of centaur approaching rapidly from the west. We readied our weapons, eager for a fight. As they drew closer we saw that the centaur were harried by a patrol of Wolfriders. The orcs had slaughtered many of the centaur and the precious few that met our vanguard were soon put to rest with the help of Tearsong.

The joy of putting more of the accursed creatures to death was only magnified when I saw the commander of the Orc Clan, Drog Foebinder. Foebinder’s Bonespear clan were well known in the Third War, and my father had fought alongside Drog in many battles. Drog seemed equally as elated to once again see me, for it had been many years. We made camp with the Bonespear and our mission was only further confirmed. Thrall had sent the Bonespear out to track the League of the Free as well. The League was becoming an increasingly dark threat upon the lands of Kalimdor making more and more brazen attacks on cities and villages across the civilized land. Drog had put the centaur to the sword, but the company of quillboar had managed to escape with the prisoners making for the jungles of Feralas. We set out once again at first light with Drog’s blessings.

Feralas proved to be on the whole different than any of the other varied places we had yet seen. Massive towering trees and swelteringly oppressive heat like a damp blanket ever wrapped around us. The new terrain was unfamiliar to us all and it was not long before the trail we had followed became lost to us. Thankfully we stumbled upon a wooden palisade occupied by trolls. Wary of the potential for savage members of the species myself and Honeybrew approached the palisade and were invited inside. We met the leader Vol’Jin and learned that this outpost Zel’jin was friendly to our efforts. Vol also spoke of the arrival of the League of the Free in Feralas and the presence of massive, horned creatures that came from the deep jungle. Vol agreed to lead us to the deep jungle in the morning, however, as we slept we were once again visited by an apparition, a manifestation of the Insidious Matriarch speaking doom and promising destruction to all of us for our part in all of this. I fear no shadow, and I have determined that come the destruction of the world itself I will see the League of the Free put to an end.



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