World of Warcraft: Forgotten Curses

The Golden Voyage of Chizbolt

Finally! After years of hard work and toil I have been rewarded with a ticket on the maiden voyage of the ITS Zephyr. It is a top of the line luxury airship. Tomorrow we leave Bilgewater Port for a ten day tour of the Eastern Kingdoms. I can’t wait to explore the zeppelin’s mechanical secrets.

Five days out and I am impressed with all of the workings of the ship. As a goblin I can easily bluff my way into restricted areas to find out the secret steam machinations. Most of the passengers stay on the upper decks gambling and enjoying the finest Goblin cuisine. We are nearing Swiftgear Station where we will stop to refuel and resupply.

I am just about to check out the number three boiler when the ship is rocked and explosions can be heard. The fire klaxon announces that the ship has caught fire! We are tossed about as the ship begins its fiery terminal descent. OH the Humanity!

Somehow I survive the crash. Strange noises are coming from the engine room when I spy a very nice steam valve coupler that I must have. I dig it out of the wreckage and make my way out of what is left of the ship. I run into a Forsaken named Syrnek who I convince to help me carry the coupler. We barely escape before the rear half of the ship explodes. I begin to search the wreckage for more parts that I can use. As father always said,” Never let technology go to waste.”

There are a few other survivors, a Tauren, a Human, an Elf and the Foresaken I met before. As we search the wreckage I find a female human who is still alive. The Foresaken tries to help her, but she dies anyway. Before she dies she passes a dagger to him and asks him to take it to Dalaran. We are not sure where we are but we think we landed somewhere in the Arathi Highlands. A shadow passes overhead and we all feel a chill dread. The Tauren warrior, who thinks he is in charge, wants to head to the coast. No one has a better idea so we follow along. Not far from the airship crash site, we come across a crashed flyer with a dead Ork at the controls. We think he is one of the flyers that attacked the airship. Why would they attack the airship? Pirates would want the crew and cargo intact. After a few more miles the Human finds us a suitable place to make camp. Syrnek and the Tauren, Atruaghin Younghoof, stand the first watch. I am in the middle of a wonderful dream when the Tauren bellows out a challenge. I almost soil myself it is so loud. It seems that during my short rest we have been surrounded by brigands. They want us to surrender and hand over our stuff, and they call us Goblins thieves! Between the Tauren and the Elf Mage we make quick work of the brigands. Since this place is not safe we decide to head farther towards the coast. After hours of stumbling around in the dark we find an empty cave. At least we thought it was empty until a voice in the dark addresses us. Again I almost soil myself. It seems to know about us, but still asks us what we found and why we are here. It makes itself visible just before disappearing. It has a carved, mask- like face. Creepy.

I swear after meeting this ragamuffin group I have had my dreams dashed and my life threatened more than a drunk Gnome on Founder night!



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