Atruaghin Younghoof

Young Tauren warrior


Atruaghin was born to Catehecassa and Millary of the Winteroat. Catehecassa was a powerful warrior and had counted many coup against the reviled centaur clans. Atruaghin revered his father and his uncle Tenskwatawa who was also a powerful warrior. The Winteroat had long ago migrated to the lands to the north and saw little confrontation with the centaur, however his father and uncle continued to maintain their skill with axe and hammer, never content to let their skills deteriorate under the punishing atrophy of time. It was for this reason that when a young Quidel Winteroat sought the two Tauren to join his side and swear fealty to Chieftain Bloodhoof during the Third War that the two Tauren eagerly joined his side. Atruaghin, like all the other members of the rebellion, was cast out of the tribe. Atruaghin was still young when his father and uncle went off to war, and they were unwilling to take him along despite his natural talent with both warhammer and axe.

Atruaghin took the death of his uncle and father hard, as any young child would. Atruaghin had only seen fifteen summers when Quidel, now chief of the newly formed Younghoof, presented him with Tearsong, the warhammer of his father and Shriketalon, the axe of his uncle. Atruaghin took up the arms and left home, seeking an outlet for his rage at the world and its unfairness. Atruaghin was naturally drawn to the assumed conflict when Admiral Proudmore began assaulting Orgrimar, however, the conflict ended before Atruaghin could join the battle.

Atruaghin has not forgotten those he has left behind, namely his mother Millary and his cousin Isi. Atruaghin has picked up a talent for carving intricate wooden boxes that feature small hidden compartments which he uses to stash small amounts of gold that he sends back to his mother. Atruaghin is not yet sure what he seeks to do in the world, though it would seem that the Earth Mother has plans for him.

Atruaghin Younghoof

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